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Wrap Up

9 Dec

Going up I-35 to Dallas

Going up I-35 to Dallas

Over the course of the semester in Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media, I maintained this blog about cars. Personally I like the idea of having a blog and posting, but in retrospect it was hard for me to sit down and type of a car review. I like cars, but I think I like talking about them more than writing about them. The blogging itself was easy enough thanks to WordPress, which makes having a blog very simple. The tools they provide are great and easy to use. I enjoyed checking the analytics section of WordPress because it gave me useful insight about  my posts and the people who read them. The parts I didn’t like about WordPress was the navigation of the site. The dashboard can be tricky to pull up because you have to dig around in menus to find a way to dash. In the future, I could see myself using WordPress professionally because of all the tools and widgets they give you. The ability to tweak everything about your blog is intuitive and simple. A company could very easily use WordPress for a site because they have the option to pay for the domain and that allows even more changes to be made.

That’s all for my blog. I would like to thank everyone for reading and thank those who let me review their cars. I will leave you with a video of a Ferrari Enzo being treated like a rally car.


2012 Audi A7

8 Dec

IMG_9253The 2012 Audi A7 is a fashion statement. This car represents a trend to create sedans that look like coupes. Most recently this is a move by Audi and BMW to counter the Mercedes Benz CLS. These cars exist only to fill a gap in the market to for buyers who want something more stylish than a traditional sedan. However what the A7 gains in looks, it loses in space. I stand about 6’4, which is not small to any stretch of the imagination, but I would think I could fit in the A7’s backseat. I can, but my head is bent over trying to fit in the tiny backseat. The roofline style has sacrificed headroom in a full size car. Even people shorter have to duck inside the car. The front seat is not so much of an issue as it allows the driver and passenger can spread out more. The interior is one of the best looking interiors I’ve ever seen. The material they use is beautiful, from the wood inlays to the quality of the stitching of the leather. Audi has excellent taste of how to appoint their interiors. If only the backseats had more room..

IMG_4896 (1)The A7 has a Supercharged 3.0L V6 under the hood, which is not heard over the sound damping. The only time I could even remotely hear the engine was when I floored it and had the radio off. The car just starts to pull hard and gain speed rather impressively. The Quattro all-wheel drive system should all be mentioned for it is responsible for its good handling and in helping with the acceleration. The transmission is smooth and shifts quickly. Even under hard acceleration, the transmission quickly finds the right gear without so much as a hiccup. Overall the A7 is a coupe for people who think they still want a sedan. The backseats are for small people or children, which a shame because of how well the rest of the A7 is put together. I like this car, but if it was my choice I would get the larger, but equally as nice A8.

2012 Scion Tc

1 Dec

IMG_9528The Scion Tc, a car that is suppose to be a sporty offering from Scion, but stops short at a true sports coupe. The main issue of the Tc is the engine. The car utilizes the 2.5L 4 cylinder from the Camry, which would not be a problem for a car like the Corolla. However, the Tc was suppose to be a sporty car and instead they placed an anemic engine that produces ample power on paper, but in use does not provide any significant thrust. Will it get where it needs to go? Yes, but that’s not the point. The point the car is suppose to be a fun and quick offering from Scion. In order to do this, Scion should have taken the 3.5 L 6 cylinder from the Camry and used that to power this car. With over 200 HP it would have had an abundance of power to play with. The 4 cylinder is boring and the moment you mash your foot on the throttle, the engine whines and revs up, but does not have any sweet spots where the power flows in. This is disappointing because the Tc is a good looking car with the clean lines and cool looking dash. The rear seats even have enough room for full sized adults to sit comfortably. the Tc has all the offerings of a good sports coupe, but does not deliver the power.

IMG_7937This is truly a shame because I enjoyed driving the Tc. The car rides nicely with a sporty feel to the suspension without sacrificing comfort. The visibility is good for a car with such a small windshield.  The steering wheel is flat bottomed and feels good to hold and compliments the actual steering feel. The trunk is actually a large hatch that opens up and gives a large amount of space to fill. This car could have been perfect for a 20 something who wanted something fun, fast, and practical. The Tc missed its mark to stand out from the rest of Toyota’s offerings and been a good addition to Scion. Instead, we get a car that is good, but ultimately forgettable.