Wrap Up

9 Dec

Going up I-35 to Dallas

Going up I-35 to Dallas

Over the course of the semester in Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media, I maintained this blog about cars. Personally I like the idea of having a blog and posting, but in retrospect it was hard for me to sit down and type of a car review. I like cars, but I think I like talking about them more than writing about them. The blogging itself was easy enough thanks to WordPress, which makes having a blog very simple. The tools they provide are great and easy to use. I enjoyed checking the analytics section of WordPress because it gave me useful insight about  my posts and the people who read them. The parts I didn’t like about WordPress was the navigation of the site. The dashboard can be tricky to pull up because you have to dig around in menus to find a way to dash. In the future, I could see myself using WordPress professionally because of all the tools and widgets they give you. The ability to tweak everything about your blog is intuitive and simple. A company could very easily use WordPress for a site because they have the option to pay for the domain and that allows even more changes to be made.

That’s all for my blog. I would like to thank everyone for reading and thank those who let me review their cars. I will leave you with a video of a Ferrari Enzo being treated like a rally car.



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