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2002 Honda CR-V

8 Nov

345This is the 2002 Honda CR-V. The Honda CR-V is typically heralded as the go to CUV to compare against for other manufactures. The reason is simple; this Honda is well rounded. From the engine to the trunk space, from the AWD to the comfortable interior. This CUV was what was desired in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This car was powered by a respectable 2.4L 4 cylinder which propelled this car with about 180 horsepower. This car was in no means fast, but the engine was lively and revy and made for a much more interesting drive then other cars in this segment. The trunk was low and flat and allowed for easy loading, with the opening starting just below waist level. The seats folded down to provide even more room if needed and the windows on the rear door could be left open. The car had a simple 4 speed automatic transmission that stayed out of the way and let the power down. The AWD was a passive system that would engage if the car computers felt like more grip was needed.

The CR-V was not without its flaws though. This specific CR-V had to have its AC replaced twice because both times, the compressor blew apart and shredded the hoses that fed the car AC. Another problem was a lack of sound insulation throughout the car. At highway speeds, the people seated in the back had to practically yell in order to be heard by the driver. This is more of a problem for all cars of this era. This CR-V makes up for its downfalls in just being a dead reliable vehicle. The transmission and engine are bulletproof and would probably keeping going long after all the other components failed. the reliability alone is what set this car apart from its competitors in this segment.