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2009 BMW 750Li

20 Nov


The 2009 BMW 750Li is all about blending in. This is not a car for other people to enjoy, such a Jaguar XJ or an Aston Martin Rapide. No, this BMW is made for its occupants to enjoy. The technology is oozing out of this car, from the massaging seats to the night vision camera up front. BMW made sure that person who purchased this car would be as comfortable as this could afford to be. The options list on this car is extensive and can drive the price through the roof. Features such as cameras that are on either side of the bumper and allow the driver to not move the car out in the intersection to see. Instead he/she can just glance onto the infonav and see what is coming from both directions. The heads up display is another cool feature that displays the car’s speed and show the turn by turn GPS directions in full color. The driver never has to look down to figure out where they are headed and how fast. The only time the driver will have to look down will be to operate the nightmare that is BMW iDrive. iDrive is what controls the radio, AC, GPS, and any other setting. This sounds nice in theory, but the system is riddled with menus and submenus that require you to scroll through and click each one. The tendency is for settings to become buried in a menu with an unrelated name.

285This 750Li is powered by a 4.4L V8 that pushes this 4,600 pound sled around at decent speeds. This BMW is not racing inspired however and does not give the driver much confidence to push it to the limit. The rear end is easy to break loose, but not in a fun way because the artificial steering is too light and vague in order to control the car once the tail is out. Regardless of the lack of sporting credentials this car receives, BMW decided to put a toggle switch that allows you to  decide how sporty to make the car. From “Comfort” mode which is like riding on a cloud to “Sport Plus” which lowers the car and makes the throttle quicker to respond. The need for such a switch in a car like this is unnecessary and could have been used for more driver aids or other cool tech. Overall, the 750Li is the ultimate cruiser who is looking to blend in, but enjoy all the comforts and technology of an expensive car.


1995 BMW 325i Review

9 Sep

Okay this is my first review and I decided to review my own car. Being my car, I am quite partial, but I will try to be as unbiased as possible. My 325i has around 135,000 miles on the odometer, which for a car that is 18 years old isn’t half bad. BMW has always been known for creating sports cars and the E36 generation (1992-1999) is considered the last generation of 3 series that was sporty and lightweight before the heavier, but more powerful next generation. It has all the requirements for a fun, sport ride; rear-wheel drive, good road feel, and a smooth straight 6 cylinder engine. The engine only put out around 190 horsepower when new, but it has the ability to move the car around at a brisk pace. The engine feels rather weak until you get past 3000 RPM and then you find a wide band of torque and horsepower and you really feel the pull.

My 325i parked in the driveway

My 325i parked in the driveway

Alright, let’s get down to the specifics of this car. My BMW has its fair share of issues. The engine and transmission thankfully have no major problems, besides that the automatic fitted on this car is pretty lazy with its shifts. This car reaches 60 in a little under 8 seconds which means drag racing is out of the question. Most of the issues with the car are suspension and cosmetically related. The suspension needs a major overhaul that will requires new struts, shocks, control arms, and shock towers. The suspension rattles in the back and has quite a bit of give in the front suspension. The paint job has some nicks and the hood of the car has started to yellow, which looks horrible on the Alpine White paint job. The seats and “leather” have started to give stain and the color is rubbing out. Overall this car has a healthy drivetrain minus the suspension, and it still fun to drive around on the streets.

Driver's side of the 325i

Driver’s side of the 325i

Despite how old this BMW is, the combination of the silky engine and responsive chassis cause this car to still thrill after all these years. The way the car communicates the road to you inspires confidence and asks for spirited driving whenever possible. There are not many cars left that still feel so natural to drive. It is sad that today our society as a whole is more interested in relinquishing control of the wheel and focus on something else. I think that a car, like the 325i, have the ability to make people fall back in love with driving or maybe fall in love with driving for the first time. I began driving with this BMW and this car is what I credit for fostering my love cars and driving. I know that this is my car, but I believe that people are so disinterested in driving because they have never had a car that was more than just a way to get to point A to point B. When you’re driving a fun car, driving no longer become a chore, but is something that you look forward to. It’s not always about the destination, but the journey.

If you would like to see what the current 3-Series looks like I would suggest taking a look at the link for the review by Car and Driver: http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2012-bmw-328i-3-series-sedan-first-drive-review