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2009 Mini Cooper S

25 Sep

The name of the paint color is Chili Red and there couldn’t be a more fitting description to the personality of this car.  The 2009 Mini Cooper S is the equivalent of a Go-Kart for the road. It is not the fastest car ever and far from it with a 0-60 of a little under 6 seconds, but it is the pure sensation of acceleration as the turbo four cylinder kicks you in the behind. The sound is intoxicating as you accelerate and the car encourages you to misbehave. The rest of the chassis is more than capable to keep up with whatever you can throw at it. The car corners flat and hugs the road. Thank goodness for the bolstered seats because this car loves to eat corners. Off the line, the car stutters as the turbo spools up before releasing the power. When the turbo hit however, you better hold on because the torque steer will try and take the wheel out of your hands. This is not a car to drag race, but if you want to race someone already at speed and through twisty parts of the road, you’ve got your car.
The Mini Cooper S is simply a fun car. The large, cartoonish speedometer is stuck in the middle of the dash and the window switches are like toggles from a plane. It is funny to think that this a car made by the Germans, but still keeps the spirit that made the older British Minis so great. BMW is actually the parent company of Mini so the performance pedigree is there, but they allow Mini the freedom to be different and unique. Just visit the dealership network itself to see how much you can make a Mini unique to you. The Mini Cooper is great for someone who just wants to have fun while driving. The car is still a hatchback so it is practical enough to haul things around. The Cooper S is a car that is very much alive and a visceral driving experience. If you get the chance to drive one, I recommend it.
The Mini Cooper is set to go into its 3rd generation under BMW and is expected to grow a little larger. The full car has not been revealed yet, but here are some spy shots of the production mule: http://wot.motortrend.com/spied-next-gen-mini-cooper-3-cylinder-power-132669.html